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Posted on Sun, 17 Oct 2010 by KiM

It seems I’ve been a bit busy around the city these days, despite the fact that I’m about ready to hibernate from yet another dreadful Ottawa winter. First there was the Third World Bazaar that I visited (a couple of times) last week where I scored some awesome finds, and then this week there was an opening of a lighting store that I was SO excited about and an annual fabric flea market (to benefit the Cambridge Street Community School) that I anxiously await each year. Let me start off with the lighting store. 

There once was a store called Found Design. It sold mainly vintage mid-century furnishings and lighting and I loved to visit this store whenever I was shopping around Bank Street. I of course made some purchases there every now and then (a Panton-esque lamp, a repro Componibili storage unit, a vintage Eames shell chair, some retro fabric and a Witco wooden cat, and a bamboo screen). Sadly Found Design is now only a web-based shop BUT in it’s place is Modern Light! They carry all sorts of brands I’ve always admired and drooled over such as Modernica, Flos, Jonathan Adler, Lotte, Luceplan, Studio Italia, Moooi and others. They don’t just carry lighting but furniture, accessories and artwork (much from local Ottawa artists which is really cool). Modern Light’s grand opening was Thursday night and I had a great time attempting to take photos of lights in a artificially-lit store at night. (LOL) So you’ll have to excuse the mess of some of the photos below but I had no clue how to deal with the lighting situation. So here are a ton of photos from the opening of what is now the absolute coolest lighting shop in Ottawa.

**Many more photos of Modern Light and my fabric finds after the jump.


And as I mentionned in my intro, below are photos of the results of the fabric flea market. I went with my twin sister Julia and the first 3 photo shows everything we both came home with. The last photo shows my finds (I have these photos on Flickr – check details like sizes and prices there).

KiM says:

Yes, I should have told you guys about the fabric sale. But it's such a madhouse that I may have been in trouble announcing it here. But NOW YOU KNOW.

Kim in Jersey, the couch is Modernica's Case Study Day Bed

Deborah says:

David and I are so happy for Mike at Modern Light! What a fabulous lighting store. Another great one for Ottawans!

silvana says:

too beau…..and inspired..thanks

peggy says:

Hi Kim, I thought you did a great job with the photos. I love all the lamps. I love seeing things in person that I've only seen in magazines and the internet. I've always wanted a bullet planter, but they're so expensive. How were the prices here? P.S. Love the paintings.

KiM says:

Thanks Peggy! I too was stoked to see all these products I had never seen in in person before. The prices are reasonable. I've always loved bullet planters too – at Modern Light they were $159-$179 (CDN) which isn't bad for something that will never really go out of style. And OMG the art was to die for – and totally your style. I looked at a couple price tags on the art and I was relieved to note that they were also reasonable, if not cheaper than I expected.

Mike says:

Thank you so much for the lovely post and thank you for coming to the party! Photos look great. Pop in and say hi anytime.

Msim says:

Just wanted to say a warm and sincere Thank You. I've just moved to Ottawa from Montréal – I know nothing – and I'm always excited when you blog about cool design things to do in Ottawa.
I'm heading to the Third World Bazaar next weekend.
A gracious old biddie in my building had mentioned the annual fabric flea market – I went expecting not much and it was splendid.
Keep up the fantastic work!

Melissa says:

Ooh – I have been lusting over those cardboard Gray Pants lights for our kitchen island. But do they actually have much output? Curious since you've seen them in person!

KiM says:

You're welcome Mike! Thank you for helping make Ottawa hip!

Msim, hope you find lots of good stuff at the bazaar!

Melissa, it was kind of hard to tell in a store lit up with a ton of lights, but it looked as though the light might not give off a hell of a lot of light through the cardboard but should be ok if it's needed more to provide light downwards. And they are GORGEOUS in person!

Sara says:

Great pictures, can't wait to check out Modern Light this weekend, love Lotte lamps and have some serious lighting needs these dark Ottawa days.

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