I’m in Glamour!

Posted on Thu, 21 Oct 2010 by KiM

The lovely Leticia of Vintage + Chic blog kindly emailed me this morning about a post she published this morning of a story in the November issue of Spain’s Glamour magazine. She emailed me because the story is about the magazine’s favourite decor blogs, and both our blogs are included! There are photos of the bloggers (icky photo of me seen on the bottom of the 3rd page), and they covered half of the fourth page with a photo of my kitchen!! WOHOO! Congrats Leticia and the other bloggers mentionned!

erin says:

Congratulations – that's so exciting!!

KiM says:

Thanks everyone!!!

Melanie says:

Congrats! Your kitchen looks fabulous and your photo is NOT icky!


congratulations for the mention!!!!


Congratulations! Very exciting!

Anna says:

From Bali With Love,

AMR says:

That is SO very nice. Congratulations Kim & Jo…the friends who have never met. Love it.
Something that I'm a bit floored by…uh, shouldn't magazines contact people they're focusing on? Wouldn't that be an easy thing to do?
No offense Glamour. I know it goes on all the time.
A picture of Jo and a peacock chair & bus roll is probably in a magazine in Croatia this month too. 🙂

KiM says:

Thanks AMR. I was in fact in contact with someone at Glamour about this story. I checked quickly through my emails and it looks like perhaps I didn't ask for them to send me a copy of the mag. I also didn't know what photos they were going to use, which would explain my tone of surprise above. 🙂

jen says:

Hey, that's my room at the top of the post! 🙂 Does anyone have access to a hard copy of this magazine? I'd love to get a hold of one 🙂 Email me at jenchudesign@gmail.com THANKS!

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