Architectes Barthelemy & Ifrah

Posted on Fri, 22 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

A little French design today. Modern spaces with a certain style, a certain flair. Welcome to the portfolio of Parisian architects Alexandre Barthélemy and Stéphanie Ifrah. I love the sense of space, the clever use of volumes, the vast versus the intimate. So much more to see at their website Architectes Barthelemy & Ifrah. Enjoy!



Love those big & black steel looking windows!

Sing says:

Space is the key here, wow. That first photo staircase, amazing.

SAM says:

I love how each room has a statement light fixture, I find it refreshing in such modern rooms. Lovely.

The lighting is what gets me in these images- amazing!

oregonbird says:

I feel as if a big Calvin & Hobbes sign should be displayed — No Girlz Alowd! But I do admire the lines. I love the upper walkway, it's like someone imported a tiny bit of the past, and hid it in among the future!

I love this space. The use of line is incredible – the floorboards, the rectilinear angles, the sharp edges of the furniture and built-ins…it's all lovely.
I also really appreciate the use of negative space between the columns (in the photo looking through the doorways to the dining room and hallway). These "slitted" openings reinforce the element of line and also seem as if they would create the illusion of special little openings (glimpses into what lies beyond) as you pass by the hallway and look through the slits (see 3rd last photo).

Thanks for sharing this space. Really loved looking at the photos.

Kelly-Ann says:

I'm loving the lighting in the first few photos – stunning

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