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Posted on Fri, 22 Oct 2010 by KiM

It’s Friday, thank gawd, and what a rough week it’s been. I battled the flu, and I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for my younger sister to go into labour with her first kid (she was due on Wednesday). I have the day off from work today so my husband and I decided to tackle laying floating hardwood flooring in the master bedroom (which has been sitting in boxes piled up in the bedroom for MONTHS). It’s GORGEOUS hardwood and I’ll get some photos on here eventually of it. But for now I need a little pick-me-up, and I think some photos from the portfolio of Little Rock, Arkansas based interior designer Tobi Fairley should do the trick. She clearly enjoys playing up a space with lots of pattern and pretty colour choices. I couldn’t help but smile as I snatched up these photos from her website.

She is pretty awesome with colors and patterns. Go Tobi!!!

Thanks for the inspiration, I've been looking for ideas for my sunroom.
Now I think I've got it.

oregonbird says:

Traditional, but with a wonderful tweak at the expected. High cabinets to end a couch, rather than the trad end tables. A collection of artwork in identical old-fashioned frames, which would usually display muted artwork — instead, bright pops of nature photographs. I don't know if you can update a federal (?) setting, but you can see the attempt — maybe a few more striped materials? I'd change out the artwork in the chocolate & pink living room for something livelier, but otherwise, it is perfect — I'd love to live in that.


As a Little Rock resident, I get so excited to see Tobi represented on the blogs I read daily. We're so proud of her around these parts! So talented!

Cindy says:

Is it just me, or is the 3rd photo of the dresser(with the bold wall pattern) and the 2nd last photo of the kitchen awfully pretty? I would KILL to live there! 🙂

Tobi, we heart thee. I am in love love love with her rooms – she has such a special knack for color and pattern that's surprising, but never "too far."

Great color and pattern. She creates a cozy welcoming feeling, with lots of fun!

Ramya says:

Just Awesome.Wat a great creative mind!!!!

Tobi Fairley says:

Well Ladies,
Thank you for the lovely post. I truly appreciate your kind compliments. And thank you to all your readers who are fans of my work. It is comments like these that inspire me to keep creating beautiful spaces. I love you people! 🙂

Just wonderful – love the soft furnishings and sense of balance, perfect colours and shapes love love!

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