Isabel López-Quesada

Posted on Tue, 26 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

You know when you first go to a website and you get that stomach twist, that gasp as you realise what you are seeing? You know when you realise that a particular designer has somehow read your mind and created your dream home but it’s someone else’s home? Do you know that feeling? Isabel López-Quesada creates homes that just do it for me. They are rustic and simply stylish. They are elegant and sophisticated. They are big on personality but not pretentious. Love the first home here. I could move right in. (If I knew the address I would!) Isabel you are a genius.








Sing says:

The wicker wrapped tub, awesome.

Sparky says:

What you said—-Exactly! :o) Oh, and that very seriously painted portrait of the very serious looking Bassett Hound, in the first photo of the kitchen, is a charmer.

mydesignchic says:

These images are gorgeous…classic yet fresh and inviting. Thanks for all the inspiration – always love your posts!!

Angela says:

So beautiful – and I love that most of the rooms don't have that "overdecorated" feel.

I love the aesthetic, and yet … A bit more pizzazz would really make me swoon. A bit of silk, perchance. Or, some insanely modern, graphic, bright art. The isolated blip of color in each image is such a tease. Makes me want more!

Lauren says:

Every single one of these images has me picking my jaw up off the floor. These rooms are brilliant and so inspiring. I am going to have to bookmark her site! Thank you so much for sharing!

Oh yes. Oh YES. Can I move in too? (Okay, that might be awkward. But maybe we could clone this house?)

Moth100 says:

Most of her projects are for houses in Spain.
She is a true genious.
I wish I could live in one of those houses be it Madrid, Segovia or Cádiz…

Eileen @ Passions to Pastry says:

She absolutely does it for me too. I just love these spaces!

Lainie says:

Simply stunning and inspiring to not just stick with trends but what appeals to your heart. Love your work.

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