Françoise Bollack Architects (part 2)

Posted on Wed, 27 Oct 2010 by KiM

As I promised earlier today, here is project #2 from Françoise Bollack Architects. The detail is incredible – I am smitten with the hardwood floors, the deep windows, the moldings, the kitchen…

This project consists of the renovation of a four thousand square feet duplex in the Osborne Apartments, a New York City landmark located at 57th Street and 7th Avenue. The work includes combining two rooms to create a large kitchen, renovating all bathrooms and bedrooms. Sustainable “green” materials are used in several areas: cork for the kitchen floor, and IceStone counter tops (a green material made of recycled glass). New, properly counterweighted, double hung wood windows glazed with insulating, laminated glass will improve the performance of the exterior wall by controlling heat loss, heat gain and noise transmission. Our approach carefully knits the new with the old by using traditional materials installed with traditional methods and finishes specific to this particular building (an iridescent floor tile in the bathrooms for example).



Photos by Henrik Olund

sd says:

This is incredible! The only flaw I see in the living room is all those empty book shelves!

Wow, that bedroom is my dream bedroom!! Roomy & stylish…. just perfect.

Lin says:

Windows in 2nd photo. MUST HAVE. NOW!

Pearl says:

Love the rounded cabinets in the bathroom and love the bedroom, but the ladder in the kitchen would drive me crazy. It looks cool, but I get frustrated having to step around my 15 yr old who is always in the kitchen.

Evan says:

Is this by any chance Fernando Sanchez’s old apt?

Francoise Bollack Architects says:

This isn't Fernando Sanchez's old apartment. Its easy to make the mistake as it is in the same building and has some similar elements.

Francoise Bollack Architects says:

Thank you for all the wonderful comments!

Amazing, beautiful woodwork and moldings.
Love the all white kitchen and the ladder for upper cabinets.

San says:

Lovely ideas. However I dare say, if you need a ladder in the kitchen and are of normal height ( ca. 1,60m) than you have way to much stuff.

I would so love to bake chocolate chip cookies in THAT kitchen! Absolutely gorgeous apartment!

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