Running, worrying, freaking, stalking

Posted on Thu, 28 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

I’m running behind with my packing. I’m starting to worry. Actually I’m freaking out. Still got time for stalking though. Melbourne’s inner suburbs are well known for their warehouse and workshop conversions. Here’s one in Richmond. Historic industrial facade (the Richmond Fire Station stables), sleek minimalist interior. Link here while it lasts.

oh exposed bricks. Something I'm dreaming of…

msd says:

Ha, I'm moving house on Monday and I've barely started packing. I had great intentions; I was going to take the opportunity to organise my belongings properly, file old letters and cards, give away things that I never use … now I think I'll just be manically chucking stuff in boxes on Sunday night!

Of course I still have time to look at this site. 😉

TJ says:

I'm in love… this is honestly the most beautiful place i have seen in some time…

Simply stunning, could not add more…..

MsBliss says:

I am in love with the "new" wall superimposed over the old brick structure. There's a beauty in that design that simple speaks to me! I normal am not a fan of brick, but the way its incorporated in the space is excellent design.

Kenji Larrazabal says:

Lovely mate! just so lovely interiors


I love the difference from the outside to the inside! :)))

ape maya says:

Where is the refrigerator!?!!

ACM says:

It's great if you like living in a museum. Talk about NO warmth at all!

You have a very lovely interior design

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