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Running, worrying, freaking, stalking

Posted on Thu, 28 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

I’m running behind with my packing. I’m starting to worry. Actually I’m freaking out. Still got time for stalking though. Melbourne’s inner suburbs are well known for their warehouse and workshop conversions. Here’s one in Richmond. Historic industrial facade (the Richmond Fire Station stables), sleek minimalist interior. Link here while it lasts.

Françoise Bollack Architects (part 2)

Posted on Wed, 27 Oct 2010 by KiM

As I promised earlier today, here is project #2 from Françoise Bollack Architects. The detail is incredible – I am smitten with the hardwood floors, the deep windows, the moldings, the kitchen…

This project consists of the renovation of a four thousand square feet duplex in the Osborne Apartments, a New York City landmark located at 57th Street and 7th Avenue. The work includes combining two rooms to create a large kitchen, renovating all bathrooms and bedrooms. Sustainable “green” materials are used in several areas: cork for the kitchen floor, and IceStone counter tops (a green material made of recycled glass). New, properly counterweighted, double hung wood windows glazed with insulating, laminated glass will improve the performance of the exterior wall by controlling heat loss, heat gain and noise transmission. Our approach carefully knits the new with the old by using traditional materials installed with traditional methods and finishes specific to this particular building (an iridescent floor tile in the bathrooms for example).



Photos by Henrik Olund

Françoise Bollack Architects (part 1)

Posted on Wed, 27 Oct 2010 by KiM

I heard about Françoise Bollack Architects, based in New York City, through Anatoly Starr who works with the firm. He sent along some info on two projects and lots of fabulous photos which I am excited to share with you. First, a little intro: “Françoise Bollack Architects is a design oriented architectural firm founded in 1981 specializing in historic preservation, renovation and new design. The continued, spirited, reuse of our cultural and natural resources is the foundation of our design philosophy. We believe that new designs incorporating existing elements result in richer buildings. We provide fresh, inventive design solutions addressing the project’s circumstances – existing buildings, budget, quirks of the program, etc. – to create a new work, specific to its place, mindful of its tradition and alive in our time.

This first project is just a taste of what’s to come. Wait until you see the second project coming later today. GORG!!!

This project consists of the renovation of a nine hundred seventy-five square feet home in the Osborne Apartments, a New York City landmark located at 57th Street and 7th Avenue. Working with very tight space constraints, we designed a kitchen that works as a long, simple credenza within the living room. This reconfiguration of the kitchen/living room is not only functional, it recaptures the grand, original proportions of the main room. Our approach carefully knits the new with the old by using traditional materials and finishes specific to this particular building coupled with rich contemporary materials where appropriate (as in the new bathroom).


Photos by
Henrik Olund

Icons captured by Michael Wee

Posted on Wed, 27 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

One of my favourite books is 50/60/70 Iconic Australian Houses: Three Decades of Domestic Architecture by Karen McCartney (past editor of Inside Out magazine) with photography by Michael Wee. It is a joy to carefully turn its pages and dream of living is some of Australia’s best mid-century homes by Harry Seidler, Peter Muller, Roy Grounds, Peter McIntyre, Russell Jack, Robin Boyd, David McGlashan and Neil Everist, Enrico Taglietti, Neville Gruzman, Bruce Rickard, Hugh Buhrich, Ian McKay, Iwan Iwanoff, John Kenny and Ian Collins. Now for those of you who can’t get a taste of these domestic masterpieces in your own copy of the book here is a chance at a little sneaky peek. I happened upon the photographer Michael Wee’s website and there in the midst of an outstanding portfolio were images from the book. Michael’s work is just as incredible as these remarkable houses. If you are a devotee of mid-century design I cannot recommend this book enough.

Risa Boyer

Posted on Tue, 26 Oct 2010 by KiM

We recently received the following email from a reader named Cheryl: “I am an avid read of your blog and happen to know a very talented architect that you might like! Her name is Risa Boyer and she has an amazing talent for incorporating clean, modern architecture with mid century elements while maintaining the original integrity of the home. Her 35th Ave and 3806 projects are my favorite.” I checked out Risa’s website and completely agree that she has amazing talent. Below are photos from Cheryl’s favourite projects of Risa’s (they’re my favs too) and a couple other projects. (Thanks for the tip Cheryl!)