New addition to the DTI family

Posted on Tue, 2 Nov 2010 by KiM

The last couple of days have been quite eventful and I unfortunately did not have time to do a regular post for today. Let me briefly explain why. My younger sister Jennifer gave birth on Sunday to a totally gorgeous and rather hefty (9 lbs 6 oz) little girl named Gianna. Both are doing pretty good considering Jen had to have a C-section and Gianna is jaundiced. I was at the hospital yesterday afternoon snapping as many photos as I could (luckily I did because she then had to be placed under blue lights for the jaundice which didn’t make for great photos) and spent the evening trying to tweak them to perfection (and dealing with some blog duties). So today I do not have any room porn for you all to enjoy, but some photos of Gianna. (Regular scheduled posting from me will resume tomorrow).

ginger says:

benvenuta Gianna!!!! sei carinissima.

Gabriela says:

She's "Linda!" (beautiful in portuguese). Congratulations!

erin says:

She's so beautiful! Congratulations Aunt Kim!

Congrats! Great shots. Love the one with your sis blurred in the background. Just gorgeous. xx

Debora says:

Giana is lovely, wonderful, beautiful and peaceful.
I wish her all the best , congratulations for her parents !

Well, she certainly has a beautiful head of dark hair, how adorable, congrats.

Anna says:

Aww. Congrats to the entire family. She is gorgeous! Glad to hear both mother and baby are doing well. Take care.
From Bali With Love,

Alessandra says:

Congratulations! Gianna is wonderful!! I'm pregnant and in may will birth my first baby.
How is Gianna's room? I am planning my baby's room….can you help me 😉 ?
Thank you so much!!
Alessandra (Venice – Italy)

Tonia says:

A beautiful baby! Congratulations on the new addtion.

Lily Blue says:

Gorgeous name and gorgeous baby! Congratulations to your family!

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