Tiny bathroom design and a contest

Posted on Fri, 12 Nov 2010 by KiM

A couple of things came through my inbox this week that I wanted to share with you all. First off, some tiny bathroom design help from Irene: “I’m an interior design student that recently discovered your blog and am LOVING IT!!!!! Anyways I was reading your post about the world’s smallest bathroom the other day and then it was on my mind all week. I love challenging spaces so i decided to practice sketching and stuff with this space. It was a fun experience and i’d just like to share it with you! Since it was so small i decided to do a minimalist concept while trying to keep the space open. The full length frosted glass windows help bring in alot more natural light and the illusion of space. Also tried to add some storage without obstructing the flow of space. Hope you like it!” First, a reminder of what the bathroom in question looks like:

Irene’s plan for this nightmarish bathroom is REALLY smart (and how kind of her!) and I had to share her drawings with you. (Thanks so much Irene! You’ve got talent so wishing you lots of luck in school!)

I also wanted to mention a huge contest going on at Greentea Design. They recently launched a new blog called The Design Tree and to celebrate they are asking for entrants to write a haiku (a poem that consists of 3 lines: the first line contains 5 syllables, the second line has 7, and the final line has 5 again) or you can simply vote for your favourite haiku, and they are giving away over $10,000 in furniture and cash prizes. !!!!!!!! I’m really stoked about this contest because the kind folks at Greentea have asked me to be one of the judges! So go check out the details here, and in the meantime, here is a peek at the furniture you could win…

Wow! It's a great idea! Thanks, Irene!!

Unfortunately for now I have to start with the small things (that i did already, bye bye colourful bottles!), but I'll see with my architect friend if some of that is viable…

And thanks again, Kim and everyone that helped me, for the post and comments! When i get it all in order I'll send you another photo! 🙂

Take care!

mg says:

This is an interesting idea. The only things to think about are the fact that you can't cut into the thickness of a wall to inset shelves the way you have shown it. With a 4" thick wall (typ.) I think those shelves would end up being too shallow to be usable. Also – It would be a bit if a pain to take your tooth brush etc from the storage shelves to the sink every time you need to use them.

Can you put in a sliding door Mari ? This would save space. Have a look at some design books from Japan – there are alot of interesting space saving designs there where space is quite tight.

Silly says:

I like the new layout, and i would actually keep the glass door so now the smell can stay inside the cubicle 🙂

jja says:

So somebody would actually after using WC ,walk (guests with shoes) on the shower floor in order to wash their hands? Hm…
or I by myself would walk every single time for washing hands on the same surface I would use later with my clean feets…

EWA says:

If the drawing scale is correct than there is no way that you could use the toilet in this configuration. There is simply no leg room when you are, well, "sitting" on it. Besides the wall behind the toilet usually hosts some plumbing. Right now it's impossible due to the pocket door being there. I would rotate the toilet 90 degrees so that the back of it is against the wall on the left.

gretel says:

Oh my goodness, I love Irene's plan! Genius!

irene says:

Thanks for posting Kim!! and thanks for all your great feedbacks!
EWA you are absolutely right, I should turn the toilet around 90 degrees clockwise! forgot about those plumbing walls hahah

For the storage i cut only a little into the wall, gaining 3 more inches from the extra wall next to the door.

As for the wet feet haha, i thought about that too, i would probably put a shower mat / rug at the entrance.

mg says:

Hi Irene – you actually can't cut into the wall at all. You can't cut into a stud without ruining it's structural integrity. So if the drawing is to scale then you really only have a 4" shelf.

Caroline says:

Looks great. But wouldn't it be better to turn the toilet 45 degrees in order to have more leg-space?

Caroline says:

Sorry, I meant 90 degrees…

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