Mark Williams

Posted on Tue, 16 Nov 2010 by KiM

What’s that you say? You came here craving a little bit ‘o eye candy? Well, let me see what I can do to help. How about some photos from the talented Mark Williams, whom I featured once before here, that I guarantee will have you aching with envy (either because you wish your home looked even remotely as fab as these spaces, or because you can’t take a decent photograph to save your life). 🙂


Maria says:

I love it!

polish chick says:

great spaces, i'm digging the colours and the distinct lack of show-home beige!

Ola says:

Wow! I love this open kitchen from second photo!

Oh My God! The kitchen in the second image is a DREAM!!!
Not even to mention the Shabby Chic Cottage style in the last picture of this series.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
Best Regards
Paula Jo

Pearl says:

I especially love the chair and the chest in the third picture. Actually, I love them all! LOL

Leah says:

I love all the black and white! Just gorgeous!


Anna says:

I'm almost speachless! I love the simplicity, he does alot with very little. Is that a glass floor in the second picture?
Thanks for the great post!!

céline says:

i love everything but i prefer the blabck kitchen and the cement tiles kitchen ! merci encore !

I'm in love! That last photo is a house on a Greek island, isn't it? Looks like it to me and like I already said… love!

Taunnie says:

I think the black fireplace with the black and white wallpaper is gorgeous. I am also loving the white fireplace with the chartreuse paint. My most favorite thing is the wicker sofa, but all the photos are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks.

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