Sardines on a train

Posted on Wed, 17 Nov 2010 by midcenturyjo

I’m back! But I’m squeezed in on a commuter train with a mobile internet connection, a laptop too big for the seat space and no access to my files and bookmarks on my PC. My name is Jo and I’m a blogging addict. I still have no internet connection at home but the show must go on. Please forgive me if I take the easy way out. I’m stalking while commuting and today’s home is a bright and cheerful concrete block house in Richmond, Melbourne. Fun and quirky. A little bit modern, a little bit retro. Fingers crossed I’m connected tomorrow or I may be forced to wax lyrical about a world class designer while standing a little too close to my fellow travellers. Bye!!!!

Kris says:

Love the house !!! Warm and full of character. I especially like the first pic; so much greenery in the yard !!

Color into the a gry city is the best way to start the mornig! Wonderful

Heather says:

Wow…you are devoted…..thanks love the stalking!

Alexandra says:

I really love the design and the space. I'm not a fan of concrete block usually, but the warmness of the wood really makes the space cozy!

itzi says:

I really love these IKEA chairs!!!! I like all the house also

RLG says:

This post proves fresh and clean can be warm and inviting.
I'd love to see more of this (for me a) tricky combination.

Those wood floors are to die for! The high gloss finish is lovely, and the warm, rich honey and caramel colours are so inviting and compliment the vibrant reds and yellows in the furniture. Lovely!

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