Anna Kern encore

Posted on Thu, 18 Nov 2010 by midcenturyjo


It’s almost 2 years since Kim first featured Swedish photographer Anna Kern’s fabulous work. The clarity of light, her ability to read a room and simply but beautifully capture the essence. What could possibly be better? More photos in the portfolio of course! My favourite is dinosaur as bathroom accessory. A must have this season. Hang it. A must have every season.






Heather says:

love the purple picture…there is a photographer with TALENT and STYLE! Thanks

Cheryl says:

I am in love with that staircase.

polish chick says:

that's it. i'm moving to sweden.

The white combined with natural textures is my favorite interior decor. Sleek, modern, and rustic. Love. Thanks for posting these images!

i like the other reader am all up for moving to sweden….why is it that everything cool seems to come from there?

lea says:

Cool design comes from there because they spend so much time indoors. We, in Australia on the other hand, are out enjoying the sunshine 🙂

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