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Posted on Wed, 24 Nov 2010 by KiM

Every once in a while I see a home featured on a website that makes me sit back and sigh in delight. This is one of those homes. My twin sister sent me the link to this home which I think is in Finland (since the site is) and is the home of a family of 5 where the mother creates beautiful knit objects and the father is a carpenter. I absolutely adore the rustic, natural, neutral and handmade vibe of this home. I think I’m going to save just about all of these photos in my inspiration folder.



Ольга says:

Очень здорово! Нет слов! Мне понравились оригинальные вазы, огромные спицы и гармония во всем доме!

Teryn says:

I'd like to find chunky yarn like that. I've looked and I just can't find any.

Diana says:

Can I know what kind of floor Is it in the kitchen area?

love love love, hadn't seen all these photos, just the first ones….sigh, do you have the original link, the one on the post isn't working, thanks so much!

KiM says:

Sorry Sara, looks like they maybe removed the story from the site as that link was working at some point. I do recall using just about every photo from the story with the exception of a couple.

Alisa says:

Where would you get the rope-like yarn for the huge knitting she's doing? I want to make that ottoman and the spread on the bed!

Tineke says:

I'm pretty sure this is the home of Ineke Visser, from Heins Home. She designs en produces beautyfull handmade stools, karpets, etcetera. This is her website. She is indeed Dutch.

Dawn Jones says:

Does anyone know where to get that thick cozy yarn? I've seen this home before and looked all over the internet but can not find that kind of yarn…Thanks in advance for your help!!

ConBon says:

Does anyone know where to find that big yarn? Is it made from fabric?

Indira says:

I love your work!
Could you tell me where you getting the yarn for your pieces ?
Thank you

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