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Posted on Fri, 26 Nov 2010 by KiM

I have been sick with yet another cold all week, but my spirits were instantly lifted the other day when I saw that we had received an email from Fabien, whose home in France (which he shares with Frédérique) I had posted back in June of last year. It seems Fabien and Frédérique have recently moved to another part of France and although their home is not decorated completely, they wanted to share it with us. And am I ever glad I did because once again the photos are beautiful and in the world of interior design where so often it’s all frou-frou and expensive furniture and each item is placed JUST SO, it’s nice to see how “normal” people live. (They are updating their website Harmonie intérieure and it will include some gorgeous raku pottery that Frédérique is working on – a couple photos of it are after the jump). Thanks again Fabien!


Sparky says:

Oh…so…sweet! So simple, uncluttered and lovely. The pottery is beautiful and the kitties are darned cuties! Thank you for posting this. :o)

Justina says:

Such soft, pretty pictures! Love the crate shelf and the crackled bowls!
Hope you're feeling better, and happy weekend!
-Justina @compai

Keren says:

Wow so beautiful..i LOVE the pottery! and the simplicity
When you mentioned Fabian, i was like..i wonder if its the same french guys blog/website i read??
Ahh it so is..www.graphic-exchange.com..i check it every day..this guys stuff is just utterly beautiful
Im not surprised his house is too 😀

Hope you get better soon – colds suck!
Its summer here in New Zealand, going to be 27 degrees Celsius today!! Maybe that will warm up your cold 😛

Saber says:

Really nice pottery! What settings do you use to take such pictures?

polish chick says:

now that is a view i wouldn't mind seeing out of my windows.

oregonbird says:

I adore the 'steeped in time' atmosphere of these photos. Um… does Fabien do portraits? 😉

Love these images, such a great feel to them. Feel for you too, that long running thing is flipping dreadfull. I've had the flu for nearly 4 weeks now and it just wont go. hanging out for xmas holidays and sleep-ins. hope you're feeling heaps better soon!

Kate says:

Love the photos. Looks lovely and peaceful!

Marlene says:

Beautifully simple! I love every detail, thanks for sharing.

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