Swedish stalking

Posted on Tue, 30 Nov 2010 by midcenturyjo

Real estate stalking is a global phenomenon. It crosses all boarders and infects all races. Well all of us who are design freaks anyway 😉 Stylist Mikael Beckman has it as bad as I do. He sent us this link to an amazing house 30 minutes from the centre of Stockholm. Perfect combination of mid century modern, land and lifestyle.







minlis says:

Love the all white kitchen!

mahiya says:

absolutely adored it…i love the way the stark white and contemporary lines were softened with the homely touches, gentle but bright sploshes of colour …the wood and the beautiful surroundings…a dream.

Shadwell says:

Place was OK, it was the comments that spoiled it.
"This house sits so comfortably on the land."
What does that mean? Like you would expect it to look like it had an itchy ass and couldn't wait to move to California?
Danielle- See a shrink if you have agoraphobia, or move in a closet.
Polish Chick- Have you never heard of CAPITAL letters?
Sarah-"I like all but the dinky room with two uncomfortable looking twin beds, what looks like cement floor, and sink stuck on the wall. Maybe this is for the stepchildren, or so guests don't come back? "
Hell woman, what a cowbag you are! The Step children?-Cruella herself!
Mahiya- I just give up with you.

alli says:

Shadwell: Do you have your head wedged so far up your ass that you feel the need to police harmless blog comments, or are you just a troll? Either way you should remove the sand from your vag and go somewhere else.

KiM says:

alli = *high five*

Sal says:

Alli, to be quite honest by the time I had got down to Shadwells comment, I was wondering who the numbskulls were with their lackluster comments. Especially the Stepchildren comment which I thought was gross.

Chad says:

This place looks like it was built for Autumn, he says being controversial. Just with its woody facade. It is very textured with the gravel outside but very smooth and cubic on the inside. Enough windows to let you feel as if you weren't stuck indoors.
Incidentally, I do approve of correct spelling when you comment on a Blog, it just seems good manners really.
I do think your comment "Alli" was in pretty poor taste.

I love the mixture of glass and white theme. It allows a lot of light to enter the space thus giving it a more ambient feel.

Plagerist says:

The location of the house is just perfect. And I love that fireplace, the whole contrast hits my tastebuds.

Tove says:

Lovely to find this blogpost. This house was built by and for my parents, after they had spent 10 yeras in Switzerland. It is thus inspired by the simplicity of Swiss architecture (which you often also see in Sweden). Today my parents have sold this villa and built yet another home. We all loved it very much and it is still fond of our hearts. It looked, for sure, beautiful in the wintertime. (For those who wonder – the guestrrom beds were very comfortable)!

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