Lorissa Kimm

Posted on Thu, 2 Dec 2010 by KiM

San Francisco’s Lorissa Kimm is a phenomenal architect who, while growing up in Tokyo, became interested in architecture after being inspired by the juxtaposition of ancient Shinto shrines and avant-garde modernist buildings. Her designs focus on the purity of forms and clean lines, a love of materials and light, a respect for balance and nature. There is no need for artwork when you have such beautiful architecture and surreal views to please the eye.

Lin says:

Ditto re: Polish Chick's question.

Minie says:

I love that bedroom! specially that artwork on the wall! anyone know the artist?

Desire to Inspire says:

Several photos of great views near the end of the post for those who are asking.

Jess. says:

omg! i want this place. its amazing!

Pearl says:

Bathtub LOVE.

Very talented! She's really made the most of the amazing views.

RandomIntent says:

I was surprised you said, "There is no need for artwork when you have such beautiful architecture and surreal views to please the eye," because Ms. Kimm's rooms have quite a lot of fine craft and art work!

Just because it doesn't hang on the wall doesn't mean it's not a fascinating object/art. And vice versa. 🙂

Kate says:

I was surprised to see you say, no need for artwork—the first thing I noticed is the beautiful artwork in every shot. Or am I missing something? As a painter, I am quite sensitive to artwork, and its power, and I suggest they are indeed beautiful interiors, but there is fine art there.

Taunnie says:

All of the pictures are absolutely gorgeous but the kitchen just knocked my socks off! It is my dream kitchen. Love it.

Suzanne says:

I really love the wood on the rectangle table. What is it? The chairs are just perfect. Could you tell me who the manufacture is. What a great selection of materials for all the spaces. The shower is beautiful glass pieces? Is it hard to keep clean?

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