Joe Fletcher … we are not worthy

Posted on Tue, 7 Dec 2010 by midcenturyjo

I think I’ll be having a photographer week this week on Desire to Inspire. I have found so many wonderful websites recently that I’m salivating. Join me in worshiping at the altar of über talented snappers? I think so. Today it’s Joe Fletcher. OMG! Pick up my dropped jaw off the floor. Is this not a stunning portfolio? Trained as a painter he explores the beauty of light while having an eye for the architecture. I have a new photographer crush. LOVE LOVE LOVE.




Mike says:


Dee says:

Is the last photo of the house in Tom Fords movie A Single Man?

Victor says:

I am agree with Dee.This is A Single Man's house.

lea says:

I agree with all the above comments, these photos are sooooo clean and sharp. Joe Fletcher is one talented man. I can't stop looking at them. Your blog saves me so much time looking around for myself. Thanks

mgik says:

W O W ! ! ! !

(enough said)

Jane says:

Very interesting!

Taylor says:

These photos are amazing! Any idea who the architect is?

Fletch says:

Any idea where I could get a table like the one in picture 5, it would go perfectly in my dining area.

Fletch says:

The table in picture 5 is Robin Day's Hillestak desk.

Ryan Candelario says:


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