Christmas in Leipzig

Posted on Wed, 8 Dec 2010 by KiM

A reader named Theresa emailed us recently with the following: “My name is – as you may have seen – Theresa, I am a 23 year old student of Book and Media Production in Leipzig/Germany. My large interest in Fashion, Interior Design and everything vintage. I am living at my blog for more than 2 years now. What I like best about my 60 sqm appartment in the Eastern part of Germany are the high ceiling with ornaments, the amazing light because of many windows and the fact that almost all furniture (table, desk, drawers,…) are made by my grandfather or taken from the attic of my grandma. We did a lot of refurbishing last year ;)” I am completely jealous of Theresa’s space. Those windows! The ceiling height! The herringbone hardwood! And she has decorated it sooooo beautifully. (Geez, when I was a student I lived in a freezing cold, tiny, low ceiling basement apartment on the main bar strip). Thank you for sharing your home with us Theresa!!


Cheryl says:

Love the intricate detail of the ceiling!

selina says:

Really impressively beautiful! So much style in so little space with so little spend! I wish I was that good.

LOVE! I did "Halloween lite" this year and am on the same path with Christmas. I never get a tree, but I do have some birch branches that are sometimes festooned with origami. I'm on track for getting a wreath, something I do every year, and am already re-thinking layering the loft with paper chains (made from recycled magazine pages) if only because it may not be as "lite" as I had envisioned at Halloween.

Love the tree branch with the ornaments! Great idea!

XN says:

Voll tolles Zimmer Theresa!

Eugénie says:

What a beautiful space ! I am in love with it ! You are so lucky Theresa, and you have great taste !

Stephanie says:

Wow, what a lucky lucky girl Theresa is! And her placement of furniture is impeccable. I'm especially loving the placement of that desk and her bed in the middle of the room. Really clever way to section a room without making it look random! And I can just imagine how spacious the room feels when you're sitting at that same desk! What a wonderfully conducive studying environment.

Debbie says:

This is 100 percent fantastic. I would love to live here. I especially like the small Christmas decorations….not overpowering..just right! You have a great future in design.

Jenny says:

Not only gorgeous, but so clean and organized. Inspires me to declutter down to the basics!

desiree says:

what a great space for a student! my first home was like this big for us and the children 😉

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