All dolled up for the holidays

Posted on Thu, 9 Dec 2010 by KiM

I’m feeling a little festive today so I thought I’d share this absolutely incredible seasonal treat with you today. It comes from The Ammar Girls (Debrah, Alexandra, & Olivia) of Virginia. “I’ve been noticing some recent photos on Desire to Inspire have featured holiday decorations. I wanted to share this photo with you of our mantle. I’ve been working on perfecting the shape of this piece for about 4 holiday seasons now and each year it gets a little more refined.” 

Each ornament is individually wired, twisted and secured to the garland. You can imagine what a timely, tedious process this is. Not to mention, they are glass balls so you have to be extra gentle handling them. I’m estimating there are over 500 total ornaments.” INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us ladies!!

Madeline says:

HOW in the WORLD would you store that thing away when Christmas is over?!

Karla says:

Now I'm wondering how many Christmas balls I can buy marked down the day after Christmas…not that I have a mantel to put one like this, lol, but I'm sure by next Christmas I'll have found some appropriate spot.

holland says:

That fat, fab garland makes me downright happy.

Bucky says:

Ding! Ding! Ding! The most gorgeous and inspirational holiday piece this designer has seen in his forty-six years! Winner!

vivacindy says:

I have been collecting these Indian glass ornaments and they are too heavy from my xmas tree. I keep buying them anyway in hopes to someday have an outdoor tree to hang them on . This idea is PERFECT and I will now need to buy even more! thank you, this is unbelievable!

Emily says:

So pretty – can I ask how often one breaks? I broke two this year just out of plain butterfinger-ness. I couldn't be trusted within a mile of your mantle.

Kim says:

Beautiful — how have you secured to the mantel?

dana says:

Tutorial please!!!! I love it

Becky P says:

It is pretty but you need to stop getting to be too much!!

Kristen Fabiano says:

Do you have any DYI info on how to create the garland shape? Thank you.

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