Off the wall

Posted on Thu, 9 Dec 2010 by midcenturyjo


Hello Craig Wall! Welcome to Desire to Inspire. Love your work. Scrub that. LOVE your work. Fun, relaxed, cool and casual. New photographer crush? I think so. Love the white bright light in these shots. So Aussie, so fresh. Great eye, great understanding. You make me want these rooms. Inspirational, aspirational.













Jane says:

I like white interiors, I am thinking about having some…

polish chick says:

even though i generally don't like vignette shots, these are actually pretty spectacular. love the use of colour and light.

Kate says:

Yes I'm loving the color shots too. I love white but when I see such strong colors I'm tempted back.

Andrea says:

I LOVE the wooden deer with the big antlers on the top shelf (in the photo with the 3 shelves) – does anyone know where I can get one???????

Sarah says:

I love the white pendant above the white chair with red cushion in the photo with the bookcases. Does anyone know who makes it?

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