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Posted on Fri, 10 Dec 2010 by KiM

Happy friday DTI lovelies! It’s been a loooong week for both Jo and me and thankfully it’s almost over. But I do have a busy weekend planned – last minute Christmas shopping, a Christmas party Saturday night, and Sunday my husband and I are volunteering with Friends of Abandoned Pets for their “pet photos with Santa” event at a PetSmart here in Ottawa (Merivale Rd. near Hunt Club for those who might want to stop by). To top it off we’re supposed to get a snow storm that day. I think I could use a little distraction. How about some photos of a fabulous home from Paris locations site Mires? Works for me! (What I would do for one of those suspended fireplace…would be SO cool in the media room addition we’re planning).

Kim in Jersey says:

Love the fireplace!

Oh, and gotta love error-riddled grammar corrections. 🙂

OMG, that fireplace looks stunning!

Ansela says:

"I love those steps!!"

Those steps are ridiculous because they are dangerous without a guard rail. Paris must have some bizarre building codes to allow that.

see says:

It's not error-riddled. A handy way to figure out which is the proper pronoun to use is to remove the first person listed (in this case Jo). Then you'd say "it's been a hard week for me", not "it's been a hard week for I".

Lin says:


You are correct that in this case the object "me" should be used rather than the subject "I" but my question to you is: why would you feel it necessary to draw attention to, and "correct," anyone's grammar?

see says:

@Lin: It's not a random person's grammar. It's a (blog) writer's. By drawing attention to this I hope to improve her writing (for my own benefit since I read the blog) and also to contribute a tiny bit to correcting an ubiquitous mistake in English (which is usually made by native speakers too!). I'd like people to correct me if I had a public blog like this.

KiM says:

Ok folks, I'll fix my freaking grammer mistake but how about you just send me an email instead of carrying on a convo in the comments about how my English sucks.

hanna says:

i have that sofa! why can't it look as cool in my place as it does in these photos?

Kitty says:

I agree with Ansela – the steps look really, really hazardous. They are beautiful, but I'd hate to have to actually use them.

Zé says:

That's a nice looking place.
To Kitty maybe because it has other stuff around it or on it, like cushions, and that double height ceiling, look at the big window behind it. Those single seats in brown leader are looking good in those pictures but get them alone and their can't stand that well.
It's that thing that not everything works well together it needs a context and surroundings.
A rail on those stairs would make them a hell lot easier and safer to use, but for looks it's fantastic.

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