Monday’s pets on furniture – part 2

Posted on Mon, 13 Dec 2010 by KiM

If you’d like to send us photos to include in next week’s “pets on furniture” post, please ensure your photos follow our basic rules: First, the pet must be on a piece of furniture. And said piece of furniture must be clearly visible in the photo, so it takes center stage rather than your pet. (Think of it more of a photo of a great piece of furniture that you want to show off…and your pet happens to be sitting on it). And second, the photo must be of decent quality. If it’s dark or fuzzy (from a camera phone) then it may not make the cut. Thanks! (Photos, your name, location and a brief description can be sent to and PLEASE don’t send me closeups of your pet!)

This is my cat, Eddy-Nelson, striking the pose on our Ektorp Sofa! We rescued him from the SPCA about a month ago. Needless to say he seems much more comfortable on our sofa than in the horrificaly small cage he used to be in!
– Audrey (Montreal)

this is Alice. she lies everywhere in the house and follows me wherever i go. she is on our eames rocker for a christmas photo.”

This is Geemo, the most dapper one-eyed dog in all of San Francisco. He’s got great taste, and knows it. You can see more photos just like this on Jesse Freidin’s website, (voted Best Dog Photographer in the Bay Area, creator of the Doggie Gaga Project).
– Jesse
toto and sasha on my new couch. toto is half sasha’s age, but twice sasha’s size !
– Denyse

Rocky on vacation at the Viceroy in Palm Springs‏
Mary Ann

This is photo is a three part tribute. First to ‘pets on furniture’ in general, second to my other favorite blog (the brick house) and third to my cat. As you can see I made a version of the now famous plumbing pipe shelving. I made this dude so that I could have more window space for my plants in my tiny and dark NYC apartment but as you can see Kingsley has taken up residence on the bottom shelf.
– Megan

Who doesn’t like a nice chair and a half? Especially when it’s in front of a big window!? Gordie and Eddie (BFFs) share the chair during play dates. It’s a good place to sleep, play fight, and watch for the mailperson coming up the street to give her holy hell for daring to deliver the mail. The shiny silver leather ottoman is usually snugged against the chair, but lots of jumping on and off (by dogs) makes it want to move to another location. That mole pillow has also been chewed and mended more times than the dogs care to be reminded of. Sometimes, even humans sit in the chair. Really.
– Priscilla

“Bopsy sitting on one of my original 1950s Eames lounge chairs. She doesn’t look very comfortable, it has to be said, but then the chairs weren’t designed for cats.
– Catherine

Erica says:

You should call this blog

Alyssa says:

Oh wow! Cut collection! Toto has the most stunning eyes!

Jane says:

awww, look at the first one!!

Deborah says:

Audrey, much respect. I am so down with folks who rescue animals from their local shelter. Eddy-Nelson is clearly SO in love with you! And, I daresay, very thankful that he's escaped humiliation by not being dressed in human clothing for our entertainment.

none says:

just as the "pets on furniture" posts got controlled and shortned with pics "after the jump", comes the twice on mondays postings.


so unfortunate, cause this is a GREAT site for design, not pets.

I love Alice…she is clearly not worrying about getiing her Christmas shopping done!

Tonia says:

Gordie and Eddie (BFFs) are my favorites this week. I love to friends share.

Nathalie says:

Geemo's so stylish! Love that chair!

BmoreKate says:

Love love love these posts. Toto is stunning, but everyone's pet looks very well spoiled!!

Note to the gripers: Cut it out! Just skip these posts! There's plenty of non-pet eye candy on this site. Sheesh.

jja says:

I am suprised that comments for the first part are disabled. For the case this comment survives, I would like to suggest to the owner of a dog in microwave, james – why don't you close your brother in a fridge/wardrobe for an hour or two and test his sense of humor :-)))).

I love pats on furtniture and design we have on all other days so keep a good work!
Greetings from Germany
two cats and jja

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