A villa in Pattaya

Posted on Fri, 17 Dec 2010 by KiM

I’ve said this plenty of times on the blog – I LOATHE WINTER. It’s only December 17th and I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the rest of the season. I wear flannel PJ’s to bed, which is made up with polar fleece sheets. I could use a little vacay from this nonsense, and since I likely have to wait until February to make it south, I thought a virtual trip to a villa in Pattaya, Thailand would do for now. Chakraphan wrote us an email with some photos of this heavenly villa he designed. It’s part of a grouping of 7 private villas called Villataya, each one containing 2-3 bedrooms, with 205 – 250 sq m of space and a private pool! It’s beautiful, and I’m about to close my eyes and attempt to teleport myself there…

bobbi says:

oh my…the pool. How incredible is that? I love that it's dark blue and not the usual light color. Feel so much deeper and inviting. I hate winter too. But today it's snowing and where I live everything becomes beautiful. i just wish snow was warm.

I'm with you Kim! Was born and raised in Montreal and I'll never get used to this cold!! Luckily, I work fromhome and don't go out unless I have to. Day dreaming of that lovely villa!

Moniek says:

Wauw, beautiful house, very stylisch

Joseph says:

I love the modern stairway design and all the natural lighting really makes it a stunning villa.

Jaymie says:

I can't help myself – I'm seeing Javier Bardem as poolboy in this place

oregonbird says:

Yep. Me, her and Javier. Sounds just fine. Dibs on the lounger, and the shallow shelf of the pool.

Gosh, can I join you there, Kim? I strongly dislike winter, too, and this villa with the pool is a dream….

Pattaya has gone upscale since I was there last!

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