Stalking families

Posted on Fri, 17 Dec 2010 by midcenturyjo

Ooops! Sorry! That was meant to read “Stalking family homes”. I’m really taken by the casual yet stylish feel of this seaside home. Not beachy. Definitely not beachy but I can just imagine kids in wet bathers and sand trekked in from beach trips. Lazy evening dips in the pool and toys strewn across the grass. Cricket on the gravel and dogs barking madly. Family movies. Big breakfasts after a morning dip. And friends. Yes friends making the pilgrimage every weekend to visit. Link here while it lasts.

Jane says:

I seriously wanna move in! 🙂

Love it!

Zuzana says:

Really fantastic! This is exactly my dream: big bright living space, roofed terrace, simple garden. I will inspire at least. Thanks for photos:) Have a merry Xmas.

Hi Jo, Funny I did do a "what the?" when I saw that title ha. Love that first pic. Xx katherine

beautiful roofed terrace.

ania says:

my dream home….

Oliver says:

yes … great house

lea says:

love it, clean lines, uncluttered. just what you want from a beach house. I really like the concrete walls and floors.

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