Sophie Maillot-Juillet

Posted on Tue, 21 Dec 2010 by KiM

Christmas is only 4 sleeps away and thankfully I finally finished my Christmas shopping. Every year I say I’ll get it done early and it NEVER happens. Wishful thinking. Now I’m trying to get some baking out of the way. I made some butter tart shortbreads last night and they actually may have turned out okay. (Phew!) Anyway, hope you’re all on track with your holiday “to do” lists and have a bit of peace and calm before the big day. Perhaps I give you a bit of a break from the chaos with some soothing photos from the website of French interior stylist and journalist Sophie Maillot-Juillet.

the first room is so beautiful in its simplicity…

amourette says:

i can't get enough painted white floors lately.

Alyssa says:

just what I need right now. I really like the first kitchen!

daul says:

gorgeous balance of rustic and modern… any clue as to who the artist is for the painting above the bed?
merry x-mas!

I just want to sit in that first bathroom and soak for hours. I love the white wooden floors and the fish carving in the window. Very soothing indeed!

SueE says:

How awesome is that pull-out inspiration board/wall thing in the 9th pic?. You can have a sleek minimalist home office but whenever you want slide that thing out to ponder your tear-outs. Sweet….

Molly says:

I'm so happy those in the interior realm are re-establishing not only bare-wood as strong focal points, but using all-over white COMBINED with wood to relieve white from it's previous reputation for being the Modern "color." I remember that scene from Willy Wonka when they're completely surrounded by white, or scenes from Woody Allen's "Sleeper" — again, white. '70s. Modern. The Future. White everywhere.

So glad it can now so crisply highlight the feel of the countryside — grass, greens from the garden, un-treated wood, etc. Refreshing in the way White should be, I feel.

Thanks for sharing these photos!


Sarah says:

Thanks for introducing me to Sophie Maillot-Juillet's work, her spaces are truly inspiring! Her use of wood in a lot of this projects helps warm these spaces beautifully

Jules Means says:

These pictures are so beautiful I want to cry.

Celeste says:

I love the mix of simplicity, rusticity and modernism in these images, I tried doing some research about Sophie and what she studied but didn't have much success. I'm a budding interior stylist and would love to know more about her. Do you know where I could find out about her education?

Thanks so much for putting this blog together, I spend hours taking in the different designs you've found, they really are inspiring.

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