Minimalism on my mind

Posted on Wed, 22 Dec 2010 by midcenturyjo

If all the wonderful clutter of the homes for the past few days have left you for a hankering for minimalism have I got the house for you. Stalking again and in Paddington, Sydney again. Lean, clean and definitely not mean. Love the indoor/outdoor feel, the ceiling fans (boy do I hate most fans) and the desk in the office. I just wish my kitchen was so minimalist. Don’t think it ever will be though. Link is here while it lasts.

Jane says:

minimalism is a def way to go!

So lovely!

Stunning. I love the living area and the stairs. And that bath! I WANT that bath.

Kris says:

Wow! i love the indoor, outdoor feel. And the skylight in the study! And the white bedroom! And the ………

I would just need a few more places to store books. I can't seem to keep my books to a minimum. And a few more plants to add some more natural elements into the space and I'm good to go.

regine says:

does anybody know who that coffee table is from ????

kbd says:

is it just me or does it look weird to have two dining tables right next to each other, one inside and one out?

loolah says:

Nup, that look just isn't doing it for me anymore. It seems so generic somehow.

Lemi says:

As a fellow Architect from Australia, I look around the world's design/architecture blogs, i find , the commonality of Australian designs being posted disturbing. There is a lack of restrain where new technology/ fad materials and desperate attempt to hide connections dominate. My wife calls it 'mock modern', i think its catchy. Whats more disturbing is that spec builders share a similar aesthetic at a third of the price. There is too much money here and not enough discernment. Keep it up Aussies we'll be looking back at this era and cringing.

Leonardo says:

I am not a fan of minimalism, but i have say; what a wonderful design.

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