Some favourite bedrooms of 2010

Posted on Fri, 31 Dec 2010 by KiM


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Happy 2011…looking forward to more of your fabulouness in the new year!

Jeannette says:

Happy New Year! I have really enjoyed your blog with my morning coffee each morning in 2010. I look forward to another year of great inspiration!

D of dogland says:

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to Kim, Jo and fellow DTI readers!!

Andrea says:

The two red beds – the low one on the white floor with the abstract square painting style quilt cover, and the next one with the four posts and swathes of fabric. DID I TELL YOU I LOVE THEM….oh my goodness, in love in love in love.

Michele M says:

A very Happy New Year to you both at DTI! Thanks so much for all the efforts you make to bring us our daily dose of inspiring images and stories. All the best from Montreal.

Juliet says:

Happy New Year & best wishes to both of you! Thanks for giving me a place to dream for a few moments each day!

I wish you both much continued success for the coming year!!!

Thanks for all the handwork and beautiful images!
Jamie Herzlinger

Eva says:

Happy New Year!! Great photos, as always! I love the cave-like, curved one… wow!

Jess Pearson says:

The way you recapped all the best rooms of the year was AWESOME. You are now my favorite design blog. Thanks!

Ali says:

Loving the rustic bedrooms, they remind me of a recent vacation to Nice. They have a sense of calm and serenity.

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