Some favourite bathrooms of 2010

Posted on Tue, 4 Jan 2011 by KiM

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Jane says:

haha what an amount of a toilet paper! lol

Wow, I love the second one. I want one like this at my home.

Melanie says:

Holy crap that's a lot of toilet paper! (pun intended)

Do you think they got all that toilet paper on special?

These are all too good!

I love the grey stone sink, a perfect blend of gorgeous form and function.

what is it about bathrooms? I could linger in a beautiful bathroom all day…

Tanya says:

Such gorgeous bathrooms! I think I use way too much hairspray to live in some of them, though. I'd spend my life scrubbing chandelier dangles.
I really heart the lime green door.

George Wilcox says:

Top photo is the Hotel St. Cecilia in Austin, TX.

Wow! I never knew toilet paper could be so stylish. Almost looks like some expensive geometric wallpaper.

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