Some more favourite kitchens of 2010

Posted on Wed, 5 Jan 2011 by KiM

{click on the photo to go to the original post…and click here to see my first set of favourite kitchens of 2010}

Chezelli says:

Fell in love with the 1st and 9th kitchen! 9th perfect for the cinnamon buns I'm going to bake!

Wendy says:

so many lovely kitchens here – its hard to choose a favorite! thanks for sharing!

beautiful. No. 7 is my fav.

Eva says:

WOW! Love just about everything in these kitchens! That first one… all that beautiful wood! All of the light fixtures are so unique! Who in the world would choose to have a standard kitchen without any unique decorations when they could have something so wonderful?!

Lasa says:

Just wonderful. I have been looking at your site for quite sometime. Love your posts there is always something inspirational. Thank you!!

Katie says:

Love the stools in no.11!

Jane says:

i like these kind of style….


Im LOVING an all white kitchen but darn that black kitchen is super nice! :))))))))))

Fabulous selections! I am in love with the stools in the second-to-last kitchen…thanks so much for sharing!

Sophie says:

Beautiful Furniture and design as well i love all of your belongings i wish i have one..

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