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Posted on Fri, 7 Jan 2011 by KiM

Today’s reader request comes from Jenny: “Hi, can I do a request for a post on beds without headboards? I just got rid of my giant, oppressive headboard and I’m trying to style my room with my bed having just the Hollywood frame, but I need some inspiration. Thanks!” I too am a big fan of the simplicity of headboard-less beds and my bedroom is currently sporting this style. These photos should hopefully give anyone currently new at the headboard-less bed situation ideas on how to spruce up the bed without a potential monstrosity behind the pillows stealing the show.



Murdock Young

Nuevo Estilo

Per Magnus Persson

Riddarfjärden Fastighetsmäkleri

Hus & Hem

Pernilla Hed

Elle Decor

Apartment Therapy

Sköna hem

Siv Kraft

Marie Claire Maison

Marie Claire Maison

Living Etc.

Light Locations

Bolig Magasinet Sköna hem
Bolig Magasinet Jordi Canosa
Hus & Hem LoftLife Magazine

peggy says:

Lots of inspiration here. I too am a fan of the headboard-less look. It especially works for me when there is a large painting near the bed – it doesn't just have to be in the middle. I haven't had a headboard in years having lived in such small spaces, but I must admit I've never really understood the function of it.

Sandi V. says:

I suffer from tiny room syndrome but didn't want to give up the king-size bed. Doing without a headboard bought a few important inches. Instead, I covered stretcher frames with fabric and hung them over the bed,

Kris says:

It's a traddition in my family ! I don't remember having a bed with headboard in all my growing years . Well, i guess it started out as one of the money saving tricks with bed ( it cost extra ), and i'm glad to see that it had evolved into a kind of design trend.

Victoria says:

You've found some terrific examples – lovely bedding, lovely rooms!

great inspirations. so many to choose from. tnx!

Cussot says:

Some of these photographs make me want to rush right out, buy velveteen, stitch a quilt and jump straight back into bed!

Scott says:

Just can't get into the headboard-less beds. It looks like HS/College dorm beds where Ikea was the standard along with two milk crates and a plank. Headboards make/break a bed. To not have one seems to convey "I can't afford one" in the look.

Anna G. says:

Thanks for some great inspiration! I don't have a headboard either, mainly because I couldn't decide which one to choose… Now I'm thinking of painting the wall behind the bed in black, but only "headboard height".

linda says:

I was without a headboard for years-not by choice-and I found that the wall behind the bed got really dirty from hair, hands, etc. I've learned that I prefer one.

Erika says:

All of them are divine!
I love the first Hus and Hem…


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