Susanne Schanz

Posted on Wed, 12 Jan 2011 by KiM

Susanne Schanz is a food and interiors photographer who wanted to share her work with our readers. She sent along some photos from her latest interior shoot and I also grabbed some off of her website. They are so pretty and calming and evoke a sense of naturalism. A beautiful way to end a Wednesday.




sasha says:


can anyone identify the white plastic curve chairs?

need them in my life.

thank you!!!

KiM says:

The white chairs in the 6th and 7th photos are Panton S chairs (I have 2 – loooove them!!)

Åsa says:

If you mean the white ones. That is the Panton chair designed by Varner Panton in 1967.

Beautiful photos! Some are truly inspiring.

I am not an all white fan, but this works for me because of the addition of warm wood antiques like the rustic dining table, the beautiful dresser and the round table.

sasha says:

thank you! ordering one today to see how it looks around my table!

sasha says:

I found the glossy white version for sale online but have not seen the matte version (it seems to be a matte version in the photos).

Any chance someone can tell me where to get the matte version either online or in the Los Angeles area?

Thank you!!!

KiM says:

I got my second white matte Panton chair at (my first one is vintage found at an antique shop). It's a Canadian company but they do ship to the States.

sasha says:

thanks kim!!!

Susanne says:

Hello everyone, I want to thank you all for the very nice response on the pictures! Susanne

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