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Posted on Fri, 14 Jan 2011 by midcenturyjo

Is it possible to love a house so much you want to leave your husband and run away to it? If so I may just cheat on Kelvin with furniture designer and maker Mark Tuckey‘s house. I have loved it ever since I first saw it in Inside Out a number of years ago and now I’ve stumbled upon it while real estate stalking. Of course Mark and his family have had a number of houses I would gladly leave my husband for and you can why in his press section. A woman cannot be blamed for losing her heart and head over that bathroom. I’m sure I could never afford it so I better stay where I am and just lust after it. Link to the listing here and Mark’s website here. I need to lie down. My heart is fluttering!

And just a couple more views I lifted from Mark’s website. God I love his furniture as much as the house!



Oh my word.
This is grand.

Lin says:

Hell Jo, there's plenty of room to take Kelvin and Mickey with you. You're last move was so easy I'm sure they won't mind doing it all over again. 🙂

Oh!!! COuld i have this bathroom, Please!!!

Cate says:

So here I am, happily reading the page with my morning coffee in hand… dreaming about (lusting over?) this fantastic house… decided to click over to the listing… and it's just around the corner (well, a suburb away)! This is terrible! It's one thing to admire (drool over?) a house from afar… but to know that it's so close and (if a sudden and large windfall came our way) we could possibly have owned it! Ok – so we could never afford it; but it made me feel queezy just knowing it was so near and yet so far.
PS – sorry about all the ellipses… it's that kind of morning…

julie says:

Kelvin, mate.. you have no chance. Tee hee. Gorgeous.

i am WITH YOY!!!
stunning post! your eye is amazing and i love love the post from today about fireplaces in the kitchen!
great going! so inspirational!
jamie herzlinger

jcb says:

just wiped the drool off my keyboard… looooooove his house. anyone have any idea who the artist is on the 2 paintings in the bedroom? (the 2 flanking the
david bromley)

Green says:

Absolutely amazing!

Rosie Flynn says:

I often drool over the photos on Mark Tuckey's website! He is probably my favourite Australian furniture designer and I love how well his stuff sits with Eames chairs etc. We are building a new house ATM and this was the inspiration for our kitchen – island bench lining up with the dining table in the same way! I love the use of yellow with timber and the red front door of course!! Gorgeous 🙂

Tong says:

Your post & an opportune moment finally lured me to Mark Tuckey's store in Newport Beach NSW, it was a long drive & I can now ticked his store of my must visit store. 🙂

Posted photos of his store here: http://quirkygastro.blogspot.com/2011/01/mark-tuckey-again.html

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