Heiner Orth

Posted on Thu, 20 Jan 2011 by midcenturyjo

Photographer time for me today and I’m loving the portfolio of German snapper Heiner Orth. Look at that chalet! Look at that fox in the bathroom! Heiner has a great eye and his shots have a lovely clean line. Can I say that? Beauty and style straight up, no fuss. There’s something that Herr Orth does better than interiors though and that’s photographing dogs. OMG you must go to his site and lose yourself in the canine fun. Simply stunning!





Jane says:

it looks like two different people designed this, but i like it a lot.

Pearl says:

That round room with the wooden hand chair is seriously awesome. Love that chair.

Crysta says:

Love the chairs with fur throws, and of course the puppies! 😛

Sammy says:

The round room is superb. Would love to see more……

Ingrid says:

Really awesome images! Love the sharp blue…

julie says:

Scenario: Dressed and ready to go to a funeral – a sad day…hubby comes upstairs and sees me lost in "desire to inspire", says "What are you doing looking at that design website at a time like this?? And what do I answer?? "It makes me happy"…many thanks.

Karen J says:

Wow!!! Got lost in the canine fun – just like you said.

cass says:

Is that 3rd to the last pic's background garden real? it reminds me of a hobbit's place.. so epic and other-worldly.

Very nice

sherri says:

at last i've found the bathroom of my dreams… any idea who designed the cork mirror? i've been collecting corks for years but had never thought of using them to surround a bathroom mirror. sending this link to my architect and buying a glue gun tomorrow.

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