Jieldé – an obsession

Posted on Thu, 20 Jan 2011 by KiM

I have a serious love for funky lighting. Of any kind. I think you could call it an obsession. It’s pretty bad considering how many light fixtures I have acquired in the last 4 months or so (there was this one, then these, then this one, then this one, then I made this one, then there was this one, and finally this beauty). But honestly, I could (maybe) give up all those if I could get my hands on a Jieldé. They are the coolest industrial-style lamps and I just love them to bits. Here is a bit of history on Jieldé lamps: They were created by Jean-Louis Domecq whose requirements were to create a simple and robust lamp that articulated in order to adapt to all working stations. They were first produced in France in the early 50’s and in 1953, Jean-Louis created a company dedicated to the marketing of the lamps whose name was formed from his initials : Ji eL Dé (pronounced in French). They continue to be produced today. I have scoured eBay on numerous occasions looking for a vintage version, but they are expensive. Sadly I have never seen them sold here in Ottawa. Alas, one day I will get my hands on one, preferably a 6-arm floor lamp, but I won’t be picky. I’d settle for a table lamp, wall lamp, whatever (but not a reproduction). Anyone else out there in love with Jieldé?

Lennart Weibull

Louise Rastall

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Le Journal de la Maison

Le Journal de la Maison

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Heidi says:

Hi-the beginning of this post where you list all of the lighting you have purchased…the one linked to the third lamp bought, mushroom colored…what is this? I have been wanting something like this for so long and don't know what to search for on ebay, etc. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Heidi

Bri says:

can anyone tell me the make of the wooden lounge chair on the 4th picture from the top?

thank you

Katariina says:

Oh I am obsessed as well! I will have to have one for my new home, preferably an old one…!

Tilian says:

Bonjour, je suis en France, j ai des lampes Jielde a vendre, mon mail loptitepuce@aol.com

My hobby is renovating Vintage Jieldé lamps from France, my drive and name is Jieldé – Soul and Passion 🙂

kath says:

look on ebay.fr there are a lot of traders who will send you one.

Jielde Jen says:

Restoration Hardware has a nice knock off, the Atelier Scissor Task Floor Lamp.

Helene says:

Hello Kim,

Great post, fantastic pictures! I am also in love with Jielde lamps, have a look at my collection !
Kind Regards,

canadian says:

I was looking for a solution to a lighting dilemma in a kitchen reno and I've fallen in love with the Jielde double-arm ceiling fixture. Anyone know how to pay less than 1,2k for it? 🙁 Also, to poster xym0x… did you run into any wiring problems installing your French ebay purchase in Canada? Thanks!

KiM says:

canadian person, you'll have to rewire it if you get one from Europe. My husband had to rewire the 2 wall mount ones he bought me on eBay. And if you want to pay under 1,2 k you can buy a knock off. 😛

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