Barbara Davis

Posted on Fri, 21 Jan 2011 by midcenturyjo

Beautiful imperfection. A sublime series of rough luxe rooms by Barbara Davis. At times desolate, at others inspiring in its decay. Dreams and echoes. Calm. Romantic. Individual

Pearl says:

"Dreams and echos." That is exactly what these photos evoke. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

I like these photos. They are very nice and elegant. I find that we can be inspired by the old and new, especially the mix of the two. Thanks for sharing!

desi muller says:

have a neighbour and a soulmate called terry ….lets not forget obi.. he wandered past this evening triggering off the local dogss barks…hark who is that…oh ok its just terrry and obi…then he wandered in….and stayed…well after two and a half years of my wonderfullly friendly dog and owner trotting past we actually sat down to talk…er should i mention the red at this stage…truly it was a wonderful interlude that has been a long time in the making and had obi not been so intent on going to his own little bed down the road and around the corner then i feel that he would still be sipping and chatting until the sun rose…not too many pe0ple on lifes road that this happens with…my blind date merv matthews is 76 yrs old and is an inspiration to me in many ways and we laugh our way through thick and thin and somehow terry felt that we might click so to say…so here i am halfway through a droopy subway sitting writing to a total stranger who really isnt if you get my drift…cheers for now and thanks for the beaut photos on desire to inspire…have a simple blogspot also…doldrum blessings of desi….perhaps we can all meet sometime…that is you guys and er mick or mike and terry and even merv who is an insiration using his jaws programme for many things…he sees things that i dont and i am a feeling person….thanks for listening to my ramblings….desi

I am all for romantic decay, except in the kitchen. That needs to be pristine.

polish chick says:

agreed, raina. that kitchen gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I love love love this post. Beautiful photography as well as styling. I do have one comment though…I would have liked to have enlarged the images on some shown in the group arrangement on your blog. It's sad to see something so interesting and not be able to get a close enough look. Just a suggestion. Wonderful shots though!

midcenturyjo says:

Carolyn we can only show what is on the website and if that is the only size and way they are shown there then that is all we can do. If you went to the website you would see what I mean. I thought it was better to show a glimpse of their beauty than not to share them at all.

Industrial, patina, pretty, rough, perfect

lea says:

I agree, brand new kitchens are almost a full time job to keep clean and tidy so one like that would be a nightmare. Otherwise love the images and photography 🙂

Sophia Lambadaridis says:

I love the rough rustic textures, however it needs contrast somewhere. I think a bright crimson hue on the peeling wall in the kitchen is a simple solution to give it that injection of colour and make the room look more fresh and inviting (and less dismal).

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