Six Senses

Posted on Tue, 25 Jan 2011 by midcenturyjo

Holiday. Holiday. Holiday. Click my heels three times and I’m there. If only! Want to join me in Vietnam at Six Senses Con Dao? Vietnam is a country I have always wanted to visit. And after our whirlwind tour a peaceful break on the beach at this very stylish new resort and spa. Yes please!

Trang says:

Ohhhh it was HEAVEN indeed! I stayed there last year for a test run before it was opened and remember vividly the feeling when I woke up seeing the clear blue sky and the deep blue ocean at my feet. It was AMAZING. I took the walk on the beach in the morning, i was there alone and nature. I was the best feeling ever. Not to mention the service was exceptional. ha ha i think i sound like im advertising for them :))

lea says:

Yes, beautiful but don't spend your whole time there. Vietnam is about getting amoungst the beautiful people that live there.

Jag says:

OMG! this was amazing!!!

Lady says:

We were just talking about taking a trip to Vietnam! This definitely does it 🙂

GJ says:

SSshhh.. don't tell everyone.!

monkey minh says:

Yeah, i had dinner & coffee twice, very beautiful and relax!

me says:

why the f do you need a pool if you have a beach like that!

Khanh says:

WOW!! Incredible. I've backpacked through Vietnam and it's a beautiful country. I can not wait to go back. I checked the nightly rate and it cost about a half of a year for my kid's college tuition just to spend one night there. Most people in Vietnam doesn't even make that much money in a year. May be someday I can work for a travel magazine or something and stay there….

Vivian says:

I might stay here this summer after my missionary trip! I'm so hyped!!

Steve says:

i spent about 1 month in vietnam a few years ago and i'm not sure if this resort existed back then but it def looks quite nice

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