Return of the stalker

Posted on Mon, 31 Jan 2011 by midcenturyjo

Stalking! Oh how I have missed stalking. Truth be told I have actually been trawling through page after page, suburb after suburb of Australian homes but no rewards. Christmas leading into January is the quiet time for real estate in Australia. Coupled with a stagnant market and banks that are so tight with their money I haven’t found a home that took my fancy. Until today. How about this St Kilda, Melbourne home? Clean, contemporary lines, interesting art (wish I could see into the room downstairs with the baby grand and the gallery wall) and privacy… definitely needed with a bathroom like that one. I know all the lights have to be on for the real estate photos but wouldn’t you like to see this place with a little less overhead light and a lot more table and floor light. Once again the price will make you shake your head. Link here while it lasts.

Georgia says:

Lovely…although the price there is nothing compared to where I live. Had my eye on a house right next to the highschool (I drive past it every day), been on the market for a while. When I finally looked it up…only $3million. Sigh…

jj says:

An absolute dream home. If you are so lucky to be able to buy this, you should count your blessings!! (I bet you already do!)

AMR says:

Can I just say how much I love the idea of a lounge chair beside a dining table? So convenient! Brilliant. 🙂
And – hold on – is that a Greentea Design cabinet?!!!
Lovely space.

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