A dose of modern

Posted on Wed, 2 Feb 2011 by KiM

Every once in a while I look around my crowded, disorganized house and crave a little minimalism and modernism. Well, I found some recently in the works of Belgium architecture firm Bruno Erpicum & Partners. AH MAH GAWD a girl can dream can’t she?? And if I were to own any of these homes, I too would need a white Porsche and matching Bentley in my fancy garage. Just cuz.

P.S. Yesterday my twin sister blogged an AMAAAAAZING house tour – check it out here.

la chapstick fanatique says:

LOVE that brick wall!

Riell says:

Totally in love with this one! 🙂

fantastic…big fan…you said it, OMG!

Danae says:

Amazing, I love everything in this house.
The staircase that continues inside the house from the outside is awsome.

Sarah says:

This is one of the best examples I've seen where the oversized, minimal style furnishings fits the tone and proportions of the house. Beautifully done, makes me want it.

Keren says:

I am drooling over these photos!! just gorgeous!

Kitty says:

This is very well done, but is it a home? It looks like a conference center, or a rental property. It has no feeling of home…

Tobias says:

I love those solitaire gasburners – pure minimalsism – cool

So THAT's where the bar with the red stools belong! I've had that picture on my machine for a while now.

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