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Posted on Sat, 12 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

Got a problem? Need some help? Just stand there shaking your head? Don’t know what to do? You’re not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you…. that’s you lot… the readers…. get to it! I have a Saturday to enjoy.

“I have a bit of an issue. I’ve just found the perfect apartment, except for one detail. My new bedroom features only one wall for my bed to go. And not only does that wall have an off centered window, but that window is very low. About a foot off the ground. I’m really hesitant to but my bed up against it when my mattress will cover part of the glass. Is there a rule about this? How can I make design sense of an off center window cut off at the bottom by a centered bed?” – Kayla

Behold the bits of Kayla’s new apartment she is not having problems with….

And now the horror that is Kayla’s bedroom….the listing photo….

And the truth….

“Here are the new pictures of the room. I apologize for the blurriness.  Also, the window is weird. It opens on a hinge, and its close to the ground. I put the mattresses in there just for size illustration purposes.” – Kayla

Come on readers. Let’s help Kayla out. We know you are a super talented and opinionated bunch. Don’t prove me wrong! (If you have a problem contact me with a link to your photos here.)

Amy says:

Because you have another nice window in that room for light, I would do this:
– install a curtain rod all the way at the top of the wall
– pick out a nice, heavy, opaque fabric
– have pinch pleat curtains made to fit the exact dimensions of the full wall
– keep them tailored, about half an inch off the ground, and neat
– center the bed with the head against the curtain wall so that the wall of curtains is like a headboard of sorts

You could still crack the curtains a bit near the middle of the wall and since you're disguising the true boundaries and proportions of the window, it would read as a centered window. I think this would make the curtain wall look like a nice soft feature wall behind the bed.

g says:

either get a bed to fit the length of the wall, or make the window a footboard – just spin the bed so you are in line with the window – i think it's great and charming! don't cover the wall, it'll be depressing!

or yes, have your bed in another room 🙂

i actually really like the window!

Ashley says:

LOVE the new place! I actually don't think the listing photo does that bedroom justice. It has great light, beautiful wood floors, and a soft warm color. The windows I think are fabulous!

I would actually arrange it similar to how it is now (as shown with the mattress) — only instead of the mattress' head being on the right, put it on the left. Also, pull it away from the window, and put a side table in the corner with the window. That way, it's not against the glass, the window will have some space to open when needed, and you'll have access to both sides of the bed. There isn't a lot of room to walk "around" to the other side, but when you think about it, it's not really necessary anyways. Hopefully, the room isn't too shallow for this to be done 🙂

Good luck, and I'd love to see what the results end up being !

– Ashley

This is so fun, I really enjoy reading all the suggestions. Great idea to do this one on a Saturday Jo, cheers Katherine

midcenturyjo says:

Courtney sent us a link to this photo and it looks soooooo comfy.

Claire says:

The window in the bedroom ist really a problem. But what about shutters INSIDE the room?


mudpuppy says:

I was going to say try pulling the bed away from directly under the window too, with the small space that creates under the window maybe think about putting in a board that is level with the bed so you can pile your books on top, lean a nice big piece of your favorite framed art against the wall (think that would look great next to a big window) and a nice lamp (so it kind of looks like a day bed) since it would be hidden by the bed you could use whatever you want to prop the board up (i.e. cinder blocks or crates) and could use the area under that for more storage of things you don't use often.

mudpuppy says:

I know, I know. I actually did say cinder blocks and crates but really, what people can't see won't hurt them. Just thinking about budgeting…

Melanie says:

The photo that Courtney sent in is also a gorgeous set up (someone in an apartment therapy post did the same thing and loves it). If you're worried about the height of the bed, a low bed (or a platform bed) might be a solution. Or I'd rotate the bed; I totally don't see a problem with the window!

And this AT post discusses disguising off-center windows with the full wall curtain idea like some people are suggesting here.

Tania says:

Embrace your sweet little bedroom with the swinging window, don't try and hide it. It has personality. A possibility- keep the colours very simple although keep in mind horizontal stripes can widen a space. Make the bed into a bit of a daybed with cushions on the side where the window doesn't open. Make it even more cosy by adding a mini shelf for a couple of books. Your window could be treated to a glass frosting that you can get at hardware stores or put a curtain on the actual window so it still opens. You could add a ceiling detail so your eyes go up.

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