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Posted on Sun, 13 Feb 2011 by KiM

thanks, kim!!

Annaleena says:

Thank you….:))


Lumo says:

Annaleena's hem and Design sponge are long time favorites of mine. Have to check the others also!

That fifth photo has inspired me to go and dig (salvage?) one of the cabinet doors out of the trash bin from our downstairs neigbhor's kitchen remodel. All it needs is a nice coat of paint! Thank you.

Thanks for featuring my entryway on your blog!!! You ladies rock!

Bette and Joan @ says:

Loving the Danish style chair @remodalista, We want one! unfortunately no pennies in the piggy ))))big-sigh(((( I guess we just have to dream on.

The design tripper bathroom is to die for! How wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration

radostina says:

Thank you so much, girls. I have to admit that I love that blue chandelier. Wish you all a lovely week. :))))

Thank you for the recommendations, some of the blogs are really awesome. Have a nice valentines day!

oh my gosh, thank you! i was scrolling and thinking "wow! these photos are beautiful!" and then to see my own photo on there made me jump a little, haha! i can't wait to get home from work and visit all the blogs behind these lovely images.

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