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Posted on Sun, 13 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

How’s this for a reader’s reno! Lisa and her family stripped, ripped, roofed, windowed and walled. They painted and floored. Recovered old chairs and hung lights and shelves. They made themselves an attic retreat perfect for sewing and stowing, reading and chilling. Work your way down. It’s well worth the scroll. A fabulous room and it once was a “hole”. Sorry for the bad rhymes but well done Hobbs family!

WOW! So impressive. I really, really love those hardwood floors. Fabulous work.

polish chick says:

nice floors. where is this? the only time i've seen floors like that was in europe and i'd love to know that these kinds of floors have finally made it to north america.

Shylo says:

Love, love, love the floor! Kudos to them for going the extra mile for a truly amazing touch.

Joy says:

Wow! Great job! It's beautiful!

Lindsay says:

I too would love to know where the floor is from. What type of wood? Easy to install for DIYers? Just beautiful!

How fabulous is this photo : Operation Papercut. Love the bird photos with the real cat.

what a wonderful space! and that flooring I am just swooning over how gorgeous the floor turned out!

Matt says:

Great redo. I love this space. You guys do great work. I just found this blog and will be coming back to read more in the future. Keep it up.


Cate says:

Is it just me… or does the change of colours of the leaves outside the window between pics 5 & 6 signal change of season? So glad to know it takes others as long (to renovate) as it's taking us.
PS – love the floors.

Lisa says:

Hi. I'm Lisa. This is my sewing room. The floors are walnut, salvage ends from a local hardwood floor manufacturer. We have done lots of flooring and my hub is a woodworker, so the floor wasn't too difficult, but if you are a beginner woodworker I don't think I'd attempt it. It was…..tedious. Every board was cut at least twice. The paint is plain old Home Hardware brand… and, sorry, I can't even remember the color name….it took 5 months to finish (Yes, change of seasons…). The house is near Vancouver, Canada…not Europe, but that is the look I wanted so thankyou for that. Yes there is a smoke detector,extinguisher, and the large window opens for egress….
Thanks everyone for all of your kind comments. Really cool to see my home out there on the net!
Thanks Jo!!

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