Freedom Autumn 2011

Posted on Mon, 14 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

Last week I was a guest of Freedom for the launch of their Autumn 2011 collection. Impressive in every way. Heading in a new direction, the line is a mix of sophisticated design with the highest quality workmanship. There is something for everyone whether just starting out, family living or downsizing, a rambling cottage or chic townhouse. To grab your attention here is Freedom‘s limited edition range. Bright, fun, punchy and directional. The Venus dining chairs are in a delicious range of colours. Be quick for these. They won’t last. The bespoke fabric featured on the Threadneedle armchair was a collaboration between Freedom and a group while of Sydney graduates and then milled in Italy. There are only 2000 metres of the Pixel fabric which is featured on the Digital sofa and because of the pattern no two sofas will be quite the same. Thought I’d start with these statement pieces just to grab your attention. More photos to come. Everything from chic city living pieces to Belgian farmhouse country. My camera finger was snapping. (Point and click. I’m no professional photographer but you get the idea.) The range is released in mid-March. Catalogue out then.


Jennifer says:

Wow, pretty funky for Freedom! Do you think those suits will take off?

Brismod says:

For some reason all the colours remind me of the ABC TV test pattern – it is quite a comforting look for such bold colours. xx

Those patterns are seriously awesome! And as clothes too! I'd give a lot for a sofa like that. So happy for this post!

Allywan says:

I LOVE that sofa!

molly says:

those dining chairs are yum. want to eat them.

G says:


Those "venus" chairs, are total rip offs! Try to google Arne Jacobsen chair "7".

I've enjoyed reading your blog, but I'm so dissappointed that you don't know your classics..

KiM says:

G, Jo and I are fully aware what an Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair is. Lots of companies sell reproductions. I in fact have 2 reproduction Eames shell chairs with Eiffel bases that I REALLY wish I had of spent the extra money and gotten originals.

Stephanie says:

I agree with the post about the rip off Arne Jacobsen chairs. Just because lots of companies sell reproductions/ rip offs it doesn't mean you should support them on your blog. I believe a few years back the company that represents Arne Jacobsen came to Australia and set about legal proceedings against restuarants and cafes that had used these "reproductions".

We should be supporting furniture designers and artists and not the companies that make money copying them.

If you can't afford the real thing save up or buy something else!

julie says:

I'm not a fan of the pixel fabric on a sofa – would look great as cushions though. Looking forward to Freedom going in another direction, they lost me a little over the last 5 years of so. In saying that, all my sofas are Freedom! They do make a good sofa – our 9 year old sofa still looks and feels great.

Sitting on a Freedom sofa here in the States (brought it back from our two-year sojourn in KiwiLand). I can attest that they're complete knobs to work for, but this sofa is holding up remarkably well.

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