Stalking in brick

Posted on Mon, 14 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

Here’s what the agent says…. “This superlative warehouse conversion in “Leicester House” an historic 1880’s building provides privacy and vast spaces. It features soaring warehouse ceilings, huge original arched timber windows, exposed red brick walls, imposing brick archways of 65 cm depth and high gloss timber floors. By day it is imposing and by night dramatic.” Expressions of interest… means big bucks. What do you think? Great space but would you do it differently? Link here while it lasts. (Thanks Maddie!)

Oh I'm in Australia and not any steps closer than you. Alas alas

priscilla says:

It's beautiful space! But that carpet! Doesn't the wood ceiling take care of the acoustical bounce issues you have in a loft?
That carpet must go! (Please let the seller know for me, thank you).

eili says:

priscilla, wheres the wood on this ceiling?

its concrete..

Lauren S says:

I love the brick walls! That's one of the things I definitely want when I buy a house.

polish chick says:

gorgeous space, shame about the furnishings, but i suppose the new owner could take care of that… oh if it were only me!

Ash says:

The first pic just looks like too much space … I lived in a loft a couple of years ago and having so much undefined room drove me crazy. The following pictures are wonderful, though – I love the bedroom and the office. The bathroom is crazy awesome : )

anne says:

The blue couch looks so uninviting….

zach says:

who are these people commenting, Molly doesn't like the sofa, and thinks there should be a room divider (in a loft, go figure!), and also think the place should have more period pieces (Molly its a loft conversion, period pieces would be the office or industrial furniture that were originally found in a loft), Pixel Hazard is more on the money, i think we could aspire at best to be invited to a dinner at a place like that, or own it in a very low income area and finish it more roughly. Priscilla – the carpet is a gorgeous faded kilm and it goes perfectly. the cieling is wood beams and what appears to be wood ontop of the beams.

people, is this a design community or a "if I won the lottery" blog…. I feel that many of the places so wonderfully chosen on this blog yes they do highlight expensive tastes but these tastes are not new riche but rather very stayed and thoughtful design work of professionals.

Susan says:

While I'm not crazy about the sofa or the armchairs, I think the rest of the apartment is stunning. Why is it that Australians have such fabulous houses ? I love the combination of antique, modern and ethnic. The designer/owner did a wonderful job.

Milena says:

Not a fan of the bathroom or the office space – i believe they are too modern for the rest of the house.
A warehouse conversion is my ultimate dream space to design.
I would say that this is probably my favourite conversion that i have seen so far.


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