Freedom Autumn 2011

Posted on Tue, 15 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

More sneak peeks from Freedom’s Autumn 2011 collection. Remember this is not released until mid March when you’ll get to check out all its loveliness in the catalogue or in store. After yesterday’s brights today it is all farmhouse linen, recycled timber, white with stainless steel and lush leather. Favourites? Love the Sommerfield sofa chic with its laundered soft-touch linen/cotton, the old school architect’s office vibe of the Journal occasional pieces and the Providore stainless steel topped table.

Tom says:

LOL… I was thinking Restoration Hardware too, I think Restoration would be offended by the comparison though.
I hope this stuff is as affordable as it looks.

mike says:

Looks a bit Coco Republic from a few years back ,but at least it's a change for Freedom and possibly a little cheaper in price .

Katie says:

Yes definitely a change for Freedom and one for the better I think. Things had got a bit stale over the last few years. I agree it is a little Coco Republic (no Restoration Hardware here in Australia guys so most Australian buyers won't even think that). Will have to be cheaper than Coco republic. Have you seen their prices?! You get what you know you will get for the price you will pay. Freedom is not high end and that's the whole point. Not everyone can afford to spend large amounts on sofas and tables. I think this range will work well for them.

I have to say I love the use of recycled timber. It’s what we do where I work. I like to think of it as old farm furniture, and not label it by who sells it!

teresa says:

i feel an idea coming on! that gorgeous white farm table with stainless top. i could replicate that on my ikea scratch and dent. now i just need two white tolix chairs to go on the ends!

Tony says:

I think Coco Republic does it better…. their prices are actually much better these days and their aesthetics and quality are more original…. Good try from Freedom though…. I'll stay with Coco….

AJ says:

It seems quite a few stores a jumping on the Coco Republic style lately. The Freedom pieces could be ok as a base, but will they have all the unique accessories that go into creating the complete look?

If you need longevity from your furniture, then Coco republic has the quality.

Delia says:

Good base pieces and if the price point is right then all the better. I believe that one should not buy a complete look from one store. That is what personal style is for. Take a base piece and grow your look. Vintage, hand me downs, box store and custom. The mix is what is important.

Danielle says:

I think someone (freedom) is a little late to the market with these ranges. Coco Republic, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn come to mind…. Shame these pieces look good but will fail in terms of quality / craftsmanship. (I should know as I worked briefly for freedom)

Vanessa says:

What a wonderful range, it does have a WOW factor…. I have recently been to all the retailers and Freedom offers the best deals and real value. I have just finished building my house and will be furnishing it with Freedom, they offer the beast value for money and the warranty they offer is exceptional. Not really a fan of Coco and would not really compare the two in the same category (have to wait too long for their products and had a bad experience before). Freedom has been around for a long time and this catalogue is defiantly the boom..

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