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This morning I’d like to take a moment to introduce a new advertiser. This is another one I got pretty excited about. FarFetchers is a bit like 1stdibs, but perhaps a bit more affordable. Below is a bit of info on this shop that I would likely pass out in if I got to visit it in person. And frankly, once someone mentions the words JIELDE and TOLIX, I’m pretty much SOLD.

FarFetchers was formed in 2010 to help interior designers, architects, and home owners find the right elements for their designs. We operate as a sourcing service to the trade and the serious home owner/decorator. We also have a listing service for products of select dealers all over the world. The two services work hand in hand. We list products and display the showrooms of dealers carrying European industrial products, rustic country antiques, French Art Deco, Mid-Century classics,  you name it we can often find it. Whether you need a Belle Epoque Carousel horse by Gustave Bayol, a Jules Leleu wardrobe, a Jielde factory lamp, or a set of marble bistro tables and vintage Tolix come to us and let us help.

One fun thing about our site is the showroom browser. We try to capture the excitement of antiquing in Europe, poking around the back corners for those discoveries that make the experience irresistible. Some examples of showrooms that we’ve captured are European industrial, Antiques of Sport, Classical antiques and Asian pieces, French Art Deco, and French country and rustic.

I spent some time perusing their online shop and came across the following awesome pieces…


it's possible all of my dreams have come true now. so excited to peruse!


You're right! You found awesome pieces! I'm loving many of them!

Have a Great Day!



I think I may have just been inspired! I have a huge box of coral just sitting in my basement… now I know exactly how I would like to display it.

Tom says:

Thank You so very much for sharing your new advertiser with us.

Very inspiring.

Marina says:

Oh, my, my, my, my, my, my! Is that what heaven looks like?

Many of the shop photos here are from the Paris Flea Market. It's at the top of my list when in Paris. The shops are not as polished as professionally designed rooms but are chock full of ideas.

are you freakin kidding me. man, there goes saturday and the most part of sunday too i imagine.

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