Freedom Autumn 2011

Posted on Sat, 19 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

Here are the last of my snaps of Freedom’s new Autumn collection. Contemporary, clean lined and urban. I’m loving the grey pinstriped dining chair. My photo just doesn’t do it justice. I’m scheming on how to include it in my black bedroom redo. The cane canopy chair is a great statement piece as is the oversized red lacquer Chinese chair. I can’t wait to see the collection in store mid March. There was so much to take in on launch day I think I need to take my time and visit them all again. Thanks again to Freedom for allowing me this sneak peek (and the chance to schmooze with Australian and NZ magazine editors and stylists).

julie says:

I like the look of the easel mirror in the last pic.

Adam says:

Frankly Freedom have 'gone off' over the last few years so this is looking like there may be a new direction thankfully. What they were doing in 2000 seemed more relevant than what they were doing last year! I'm not sure for how many seasons they've dragged along the coastal theme, but it's about time it was moved along. Really like the red chair and the black cane canopy as well. Bring on the change Freedom!

Wow I am really loving so much off this….did me a vintage girl just say that…who am I? ha I really want that couch…the black with the button back and the nice roll cushion. Good to see freedom borrowing from the mid century and putting some funk into what they do.

Sammy says:

After years of same same it's good to see Freedom getting a little more creative. Good for the odd piece of affordable functional furniture. Now if we can only get IKEA to come to NZ…..

cat says:

This is a good change for Freedom. I agree with the others that they had become stale. This looks very promising 🙂

Jaine says:

Great new direction Freedom – I'm wondering whether you saw any bright coloured dining chairs in the coming collection? I did see a media release with them on it but can't see them in your pics? I'm looking for new dining chairs without a hefty price tag. Thanks Jaine

midcenturyjo says:

Jaine they are doing a range of super bright dining chairs. I featured them in my first post on their launch. You can see them here. They are delicious colours in real life.

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