Heidi’s new pad

Posted on Tue, 22 Feb 2011 by KiM

Back in May of last year, Jo blogged the awesome San Francisco pad of DTI reader Heidi Lender. It turns out Heidi recently moved to Uruguay, and she gave us a little glimpse of her home in the first photo of this pet post a few weeks ago. She kindly sent us some photos of her new digs, along with a bit of info. She’s done an incredible job and I’m so excited to share it with you all.

Excited about our new digs — a century-old ranch in Uruguay, whose dilapidated little house we are in the midst of remodeling — and wanted to share (even though it’s not completely done). We sent a container’s worth of our belongings from San Francisco, and smattered with its contents, this rundown house felt immediately like home (not without a lot of construction woes and obstacles and dust, of course). You can see all of the furnishings from the San Fran flat that you posted back in May….amazed at how different it all looks down here. We bought the O’Keefe and Merrit stove off of Craigslist and shipped it down too, along with the vintage sink in the bathroom that had been sitting in our backyard forever, waiting for the perfect home.

P.S. Her photos are pretty fab – turns out she’s a photographer! Check out her website here. I freaking love her Once Upon self-portait series (a photo-tale that examines the individual through fashion and environment). A few of those photos are featured after the jump.

peggy says:

What a gorgeous home. I love all the textiles. And oh how I covet that silver pouf. I love her photos. I wonder if she is a member of the flickr group Bench Monday? I love how she included her pups in the photos. I want to move somewhere exotic….and warm.

Kitty says:

Consider your Desire to Inspire realized! Does Heidi need a neighbor?? These are fabulous, and thank you for sharing the Once Upon link.

Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing it.

Courtney says:

Is it just me or are those ceilings gorgeously-enormously high!?! LOVE the wall drapes in the bedroom and the kitchen is stunning. I would be happy to house-sit whenever Heidi needs to escape back to the big smoke of San Fran : )

So beautiful! She must be fearless to live in such different place! I think I could live in most of those rooms, with the exception of the bedroom. That room looks a little damp to me. I might be scarred to wake up there in the middle of the night! Also, consider the bugs, & the size of the bugs in Uruguay! Nevertheless, a very aspirational post! Really enjoyed these images…

Theresa says:

Wow! Love this place and all of the color and textiles!

Ruth says:

The self-portrait series really adds rather than detracts! Love these pics–inspires me to get more creative.

Marcos says:

Amazing…I love the rug. Where did you buy it?

lachie says:

Love the Neil Krug artwork in the lounge. Very well suited. http://www.neilkrug.com/

Lisa says:

Gorgeous photos, but like another comment, I wonder about all the discolored walls. After living for a year and a half in Uruguay, we moved to Argentina because of the huge mold problems in the concrete buildings in Uruguay. It is such a humid country that the mold will even grow on the furniture, if you let it! Some of the pics just look like raw concrete, but that bedroom scares me.

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