I suppose …

Posted on Wed, 23 Feb 2011 by midcenturyjo

… I should have known. Saw this amazing exhibitionist bathroom by Suppose Design Office in the latest Vogue Living. Raced to their website and devoured their unique Japanese take on minimalism. Great post idea until Kim informed me she had featured their work last year. I suppose I should have known. Still I had to share this bathroom. OMG! Love. Very scared about using it but love the concept.

Kitty says:

I think it's cool. I think there could be some hilarious/terrifying moments getting up and down that ladder in one's birthday suit, though…

lexie says:

This is sooooo perfect! I love them. Thanks !

ParanoidMagpie says:

Just Gorge!

polish chick says:

i just think it might be a tad difficult to climb the ladder when the need to use the facilities struck. still, it's lovely.

D of dogland says:

Pretty? Yes. Functional? No! I think it would be horrible to have to climb a ladder with CRAMPS, an upset tummy, the flu, etc… I suppose there's a segment of the population that would feel quite comfortable using these facilities, once they've climbed the ladder. But, I gotta think there are more of us who find it a terrifying prospect. Hey, I know I'm not the only person who shuts the bathroom door even when no one else is home!
BTW, doesn't it get hot as hell in summer and cold as ____ in winter? Even high tech, insulated glass isn't very insulating. I don't like to be so negative. The space and components are great. I'd do something else with them. To each his own though. If you love it, great. But, if that's your guest room and bath ensuite…please know that this would be torture for me. Modesty hang-ups…yep, I got 'em.

Christina says:

Fascinating concept. The room is definitely designed beautifully, but after the exciting shock value fades away you're left with a bathroom that a lot of people won't want to use. The space is so beautiful I imagine it could easily transform to serve a more practical function.

But besides all that, these images are definitely fun to look at and inspiring in their own way so thanks for posting! 🙂

Tom says:

Pretty cool.
Hopefully they have 2 bathrooms.
Looks like there is a spiral staircase that you can use if you're not up to taking the ladder.

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