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Posted on Thu, 24 Feb 2011 by KiM

I am a huge fan of industrial touches in a home….but sometimes people should quit while they’re ahead. I found this apartment on a site from Israel called bvd, and while I love some of the finishes, all in all it’s pretty much a prison cell, but a bit larger. I’m sure there are some men out there who are saying “WOW – that’s COOL!!” but I’m sure that sentiment would be short-lived after living here for a while. Your thoughts?

SJ says:

Sorry but I like it! I disagree with the adding colours and such. I think something like a huge aquarium/ sleek water feature or some coral/ shell in the bathroom would do it, but the place is just fine like that!
On a side note, I also wouldn't want to live in it for very long; it IS a guy think and it'll suit a bachelor perfectly.
Of course if he gets married it's a totally different story 🙂

SJ says:

It kinda reminds me of the Navy and a Submarine with all the metal?

Eugénie says:

Even a man could not live long in a place like that. How cold and sad interior…

Sarah says:

Wow, conceptually I love it! But I think after living there for a week, I'd need some Prozac and to sit one under those seasonal affective disorder sunshine lamps!

Katie says:

I think this would be a great base point for someone but I would need some bold colour every now and then, maybe a lime green cactus in the bathroom? A bright artwork over the bed? I think that industrial can be fun with the addition of kids, maybe this place needs kids and the extra bits and pieces they bring! ; ) Love the theatre room!

Leo says:

mmmmh I am not sure… On one hand I like it and it is very well finished but it would be depressing to live there! I like some bits but the overall is far too cold and I am starting to be a bit bored of industrial looks (the bathroom and kitchen take it way way too far)!

tatsu says:

I think i'd like it better with some shabby delicate beautiful wooden chairs, and the odd plant. It would then be more sci-fi romantic and less oppressive prison.

Ash says:

The moment I saw the preview of this post, I stopped what I was doing and opened it. I'm glad I read on. The design is very industrial/institutional, but something about the way it was done makes me love it. I like how the designer had the patience to keep the style throughout the whole space and not veer into different paths by adding things that would soften it too much. It isn't a style that I would probably use a lot in my own home, but I can appreciate the thought behind it. I like the range of hues that the designer kept to, and how everything is relevant.

I agree that the blocky chairs seem a little uncomfortable, but I would probably just use a pillow for my back. Other than that, everything is so interesting. So … military masculine? I especially love the living room – the seating, the coffee table, and the media center especially. Maybe I've been playing too much Black Ops lately, or I've spent too much of my life wishing I was a badass Spartan-like specialist with way too many tricks up my sleeve – but if I were a covert spy, this would be probably be my hideout, plus a few boards full of newspaper cutouts and target maps : D

Most people who tried this style would probably make it way too harsh and creepy and institutional-like. It is clear that it is not a style meant for everyone, but I personally think the designer did a wonderful job at keeping the space livable.

loolah says:

I suppose it's an extreme expression of a certain style, but for me it seems to go beyond industrial and enter that strange claustrophobic unreality of Eraserhead.

Guest says:

This looks like a murderer's dream home…

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